Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time for a new PC!

I finally have the means to build myself a new gaming PC. I am really excited to be able to customize each part and build something that will fit my style of playing and my needs. My boyfriend has successfully built 2 already from scratch so I hope this will be lucky number 3!

The geek specs are following: Core i7 950, Nvidia GTX480, 6GB Ram, and a SSD drive. I also got a new 23" 1920X1080 monitor. Here is a picture of building in progress.

Yes...that case is pink. Your eyes do not deceive you. I have no excuse other then I like pink. I have a new mousepad on the way that should be arriving shortly and all I still need is a great power-strip with surge protection and possibly a new Razor mouse.

I am hoping this PC will be able to support my gaming playstyle as well as my obsession with screenshots/pictures/ and occasional video. Yes I am a complete resource hog with my PC's. My previous PC lasted me 5 years so I am hoping this one will have an equally long lifespan, which is why I did a higher end graphics card so future games wouldn't outgrow it so fast.

Once its set up, I will post my desktop and try out some new screenshots. I would say I bought this for my dissertation as well, but I would be lying....I type that on a small notebook, lol.


  1. I personally wouldn't use the stock heatsink on the CPU, FFXIV really heats up the cores!

  2. It does get warm but the temperature seems to remain stable even when the game is left on all day. I don't run it all night like I used to on FFXI though.