Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Collecting is My Bag Baby!

In all MMO's there exists various types and forms of playstyles. The PvPer, the Altaholic, the Raider, the Roleplayer, the Achiever, and my personal favorite the Collector. What the hell is a collector you might ask? Well I am for one! However, as a simple definition anyone who enjoys collecting things as a sub-aspect of the online game they play. I might even goes as far as saying the Collector is the rarest of the MMO subtypes. For them the simple task of collecting their objects is just as satisfying if not more then the usual aspects of playing an MMO. Everyone can have aspects of all these subtypes, but the true extremists/OCD types will go all out.

Rank 26 Walkthrough "Together We Stand"

This week I had the opportunity to experience the rank 26 storyline quest "Together We Stand". Visually this quest was a feast for the eyes and another introduction into other creatures who inhabit the world of Eorzea. This was not a difficult quest and I easily completed it on my Botanist and was rewarded with 78,000 gil. The quest starts in Uldah once again regardless of what city you belong too. Below is the general guideline for the quest as well as a visual walkthrough because I just can't resist taking pictures of the slyphs. Spoiler alert below!!!!

Once you attain Rank 26 on any class head over to the "dunes" or merchant wards in Uldah. It is the same teleport option as the market wards, except choose the second option "merchant wards". Once you zone in speak to Tataru who is just inside the door. She will instruct you to go down the hall to meet Minfila who is trapped inside her office by a few slyphs.

Shattering My Expectations

So I decided to peek my head back into WoW yesterday after the latest patch hit which shattered the old worlds and revamped all the old questing areas. My ulterior motive was also pet collecting cause I am a sucker for vanity items... I have been keeping an eye out on the WoW progression to their new expansion, more so recently due to FFXIV's epic failure. After all my alter ego needs to exist in a world full of promises and content, which unfortunately FFXIV has none of at the moment.