Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rank 26 Walkthrough "Together We Stand"

This week I had the opportunity to experience the rank 26 storyline quest "Together We Stand". Visually this quest was a feast for the eyes and another introduction into other creatures who inhabit the world of Eorzea. This was not a difficult quest and I easily completed it on my Botanist and was rewarded with 78,000 gil. The quest starts in Uldah once again regardless of what city you belong too. Below is the general guideline for the quest as well as a visual walkthrough because I just can't resist taking pictures of the slyphs. Spoiler alert below!!!!

Once you attain Rank 26 on any class head over to the "dunes" or merchant wards in Uldah. It is the same teleport option as the market wards, except choose the second option "merchant wards". Once you zone in speak to Tataru who is just inside the door. She will instruct you to go down the hall to meet Minfila who is trapped inside her office by a few slyphs.

Go to Minfila's office and watch a cutscene with her and the slyphs. After the cutscene speak to Minfila again, or take some screenshots with the cute little sylphs as I did... The three slyphs tell you that the "metal ones" are invading their home and Minfila will ask you to take your path companion to go assess the situation. She will then offer you the quest, hit accept.

In the next cutscene Minfila will tell you to speak with your path companion before you leave Uldah. When you zone out of the cutscene, go into your NPC linkpearl option through the main menu and select the linkpearl "Path of the Twelve". Your path companion will tell you to meet up with them at the Gridania Aetheryte Plaza. If you are as lazy as I am and have anima to burn I suggest you teleport there.

As you attempt to zone out of the aetheryte plaza another cutscene will be triggered. Your path companion will tell you the location of Moonspore Grove. Your companion asks you to meet up with them at camp Nine Ivies. Again....I teleported there. Took me a few laps around the camp to trigger the next cutscene but I finally got it. A box will pop up asking if you wish to proceed, select yes.

You will then view another cutscene in which the slyphs will ask you to aid them in retrieving their podlings. Select the option that you will help them for another cutscene.

Put your running shoes on because after the cutscene ends your companion will take off running. Follow her closely but do not go outside the shaded circle located on the minimap, this will boot you out of the instance and then you will have to start over. After following your companion another cutscene will be triggered with the soldiers. Enjoy the next cutscene as it uncovers a glimpse of the future for FFXIV.

After this your companion will run off again and you are to follow her until you get to Almxio, who will provide you some concealing magic. Keep up with her but don't run outside the shaded instance circle on the minimap. The soldiers do not have great eyesight and can easily be avoided by sneaking behind them when their backs are turned. Your path companion is a good guide for direction but do not follow too closely, they tend to be a bit reckless around the soldiers. The soldiers will not see your companion BUT will see YOU.

Continue on until you reach Zoxio. Talk to her for another visibility shield. If a soldier does spot you it will attack you and your path companion will not help you. Sometimes it is best to just keep running then, because if you die you will have to restart the quest by running around the camp again.

Continue on until you reach Dokixia. Another cutscene will be triggered in which you are asked to deliver the podlings to Flaxio. After the cutscene follow your companion back weaving your way through the soldiers until you speak with Flaxio again for another cutscene. During this cutscene Stazfloh, Una Tayuun and Percevains arrive during the conversation and you will then find yourself dismissed and you and your path companion part ways.

Return to the Merchants Ward in Ul'dah and speak to Tataru. Minfila will appear in the cutscene and reward you for your efforts. You will then be teleported back out into Uldah and your done!

Until our next storyline together I bid you adieu!


  1. Did not like it. Had a kinda cool CS but that's about it. The sneaking part with your companion was just bad, they could have made it so your companion at least LOOKS like he's trying to sneak past the guards. I guess their explanation would be the Sylph's magic gave your companion infinite invisibility, lol. It's just sloppy.

    I never got caught but that's because I quickly realized not to follow your companion. You can call him over to you and then go your own way and he follows. And I believe it's adieu :p

  2. Yeah the sneaking could have been done better I agree. Thanks for the spellcheck on adieu!