Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Starting Out in FFXIV

     As I am starting out with playing FFXIV I have gotten past all the busy work, the account setup, the installation, the patches and the character selection. I am in the world walking around and thinking hmmm I know I had a plan.

Exploring the new world can be overwhelming at first, and very easy to get sidetracked in this or that. Some people love that, they experience the game in a fluid capacity molding from one activity to another, absorbing it all at once. That's not me....Perhaps I am missing the important learn as you go gene or perhaps it is more a function of my time limited play. However, for my maximum enjoyment I need goals and organization, my thinking is very linear as is my gameplay. So for those of you that share my genetic makeup and enjoy more goal oriented play and time effieiency, I compiled this guide so I can easy play in windowed mode and refer back to any links I may need. My previous Beta Guide version 3 includes all the basic FFXIV setup links and controls.