Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beckon of The Elementals Complete!

Time for another storyline quest for my character. I finished the rank 15 Gridania quest this weekend and earned some more cool cash for my efforts (15,000). I also was granted the ability to "parley" with vendors, but I haven't tried that out yet. I liked this quest more then the previous as we got a chance to hear some of the vocal dialogue again, I got more of my favorite pudgey moogles, and there was not as much running around. I outlined the quest below with pictures (spoiler alert!)

Head over to Carline's Canopy to talk to Miounne where she will offer you the quest, "Beckon of the Elementals". make sure you are on a rank 15 class before speaking with her. She asks you to head over to the Archers Guild ""Quiver's Hold" and speak to Nonolato to start a cutscene.