Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beckon of The Elementals Complete!

Time for another storyline quest for my character. I finished the rank 15 Gridania quest this weekend and earned some more cool cash for my efforts (15,000). I also was granted the ability to "parley" with vendors, but I haven't tried that out yet. I liked this quest more then the previous as we got a chance to hear some of the vocal dialogue again, I got more of my favorite pudgey moogles, and there was not as much running around. I outlined the quest below with pictures (spoiler alert!)

Head over to Carline's Canopy to talk to Miounne where she will offer you the quest, "Beckon of the Elementals". make sure you are on a rank 15 class before speaking with her. She asks you to head over to the Archers Guild ""Quiver's Hold" and speak to Nonolato to start a cutscene.

During the cutscene the forest is thrown into peril and you are asked to escort Brother O-App-Pesi to see what the trouble is. After the cutscene ends, you are in an instance. Walk outside and talk to Brother O-App-Pesi to start another cutscene.

At this point the cutscene continues and gets very exciting! Soon you must battle an elemental with the archers. After the cutscene ends you will be in an instance battle mode. The elemental will change damage types several times throughout the battle. Be careful, its AOE hits hard and I almost died at one point. Stand next to Brother O-App-Pesi and speak to him each time you get the message the elemental has changed elements. Choose the appropriate ward for yourself. You can also target the other fighters and ward them as well to help. I did this fight on Botanist and just stayed back, you could switch to a combat class and jump in a bit though, but be careful it hits hard and you are supposed to be warding the NPC's.

After the cutscene is finished you must go find Fye. Head over to the Oak Atrium to find her. Another cutscene will begin with Fye and Zezekuta.

After the cutscene ends equip your NPC pearl to speak with Miounne once again. She instructs you to go see what the commotion is at Stillglade Fane (conjurers guild). Go inside and speak with Brother O-App-Pesi. During your conversation you will be disrupted by a commotion in which Dunstan is approaching Stillglade Fane escorted by conjurers. Head back outside the guild to the front to start another cutscene. After the cutscene is done, run back into the conjurer's guild to see what is happening.

After this cutscene, on your way out of Stillglade Fane you find Fye standing in the tunnel, speak with her. She wants you to talk to Brother O-App-Pesi on her behalf, so head back into the conjurers guild at this point. Walk up to Brother O-App-Pesi and speak with him to continue the quest.

Brother O-App-Pesi instructs you to head to Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre to prepare for the purification ritual. The location of the ampitheatre is to the right of the Stillglade Fane area.

As you approach the area a cutscene will be triggered. Side Note: I love the Pudgey Moogles!

After this cut-scene you are instructed to go find Fye and tell her her brother Dunstan will be attending the purification rite. Turn around and walk up the path towards the entrance of the amphitheater to locate Fye and speak to her.

The purification ritual begins and you end up passing out and waking up in the forest to view another cutscene back in time. After you come too the purification ritual finishes and you are treated to another voice dialogue cutscene. The sky opens up and looks ominous...

After the voice dialogue ends you rech up and start feeling dizzy. Once again you pass out.....and wake up in Miounnes bed where she has been looking after you. After the dialogue she will give you your reward and the quest will be finished. I need to stop passing out everywhere....She instructs you the next quest will begin in Ul'Dah (you won't be able to receive it until Rank 20).

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