Friday, October 8, 2010

Second Week Goals: Check.

     It was my birthday this week so I took some time away from my fantasy life to enjoy some real life fun with friends and family. We are now at our second full week playing the game and one week past retail release. My goals for this week included finishing up some passive crafting skills, gear upgrades, and advancing my rank towards the second mission. So lets take a look at how my time limited play panned out this week.

     I really went headfirst into crafting this week after a couple frustrating party sessions on my conjurer, which were mainly do to my own inexperience grouping with people in this game as well as some known targeting and skill point issues. I decided to try and focus on those things in the game I most enjoyed, so I spent this week rounding out my basic crafting skills. I was able to achieve the passive level 10 abilities for Carpenter, Blacksmithing, Leatherworker, and Alchemy. I played around with several abilities and found that I enjoy "Fulfillment" the most during my usual level grinding and guildleves. This ability increases the rate of success, and is most effective for materials. I was hoping "Tender Touch" was going to have more noticeable effects on saving durability but I did not find it so in my trials.

    I found as I advanced my crafting I was starting to need upgrades on my gear to maintain good synthesis results. I went ahead and tried some cotton upgrades on my weaver with good results, so I settled on a cotton coif, cotton tights and cotton half-gloves as decent upgrades. I would love a cotton gown to replace my hempen gown with but it turns out the synth is actually around level 20. I also was able to make my level 13 Botanist a new Bronze hatchet, which felt immensely rewarding.

      I also found a food my Mi'qote enjoys which is boiled eggs. I heard rumor this helped increase craftsmanship so I went ahead and ground out a stack of 12. Whether it was the placebo effect or not I felt they worked!

     While grinding up my crafting and starting my level 10 guildleves this week I had the opportunity to pick up a few more camps and a couple which required extensive dodging of dragons on....

     However, with all my crafts and all my gathering materials I finally capped out both myself and my retainers inventory and was forced to make some choices on what to keep and what to NPC.

     All in all I ended the week with my Botanist and Weaver at rank 14 and I am hoping to reach 15 this weekend and post a walk-through for the Rank 15 mission. I feel good about the progress I made, and I am finding things more enjoyable when I focus on a small goal or something I am trying to create to get me through the boring "grindy" streaks.

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  1. Nice :)
    My birthday is this coming 13th
    Haven't really played at all this week with work in what not. But I'm not really digging the mage. I think I might remake the guy and do another Pugilist. I really need to start lvling. I'm falling behind. Just wondering, how have you enjoyed cooking and crafting. I was thinking about dipping my toes into those fields too...