Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Week Goals: Check

Pre-order opening week is almost done! Although there was much lag, some server closure problems, and much forum whining, things are starting to settle down. At least until Thursday when the general population invades!!!!

As I have previously stated, my playtime is somewhat time limited due to needing to share a computer until I can build a new one next month. So I usually only get a few evenings a week to hijack my boyfriends computer while he works.

Identity Crisis resolved!

Alright, the game has been out coming up on a week. However I hadn't yet posted the character model that I settled on for my new "Sheeba". I was taking some really great pictures earlier this week of my character's adventures after which I realized fraps was not on....So anyway, I settled on a blond with bangs and a longer haircut. I made sure her face would look good with other haircuts as well should they implement the function in game that allows you to change them. I was very tempted to go pink hair...but it seemed like everyone in beta had pink hair so... yeah.

I also have been trolling some forums this weekend since my playtime is limited until I buy a new PC. I found a great link to a website that will create a custom signature for you in addition to hosting linkshell sites. It is called Enjin and has support for many popular games and sites. So if you are looking for a signature for forums or a site to host your new linkshell, check this place out. Here is my own signature that gets updated daily. FFXIV signature generator