Sunday, September 26, 2010

First Week Goals: Check

Pre-order opening week is almost done! Although there was much lag, some server closure problems, and much forum whining, things are starting to settle down. At least until Thursday when the general population invades!!!!

As I have previously stated, my playtime is somewhat time limited due to needing to share a computer until I can build a new one next month. So I usually only get a few evenings a week to hijack my boyfriends computer while he works.
I had created a plan for myself this week with a few basic goals to complete. Complete opening mission, buy NPC tools for classes I wanted to level, make macros, travel across the continents collecting aetheryte outposts for future teleportation purposes, start conjurer, get pugilist to rank 6 for "second wind", and start leveling weaver. I also wanted to get Carpenter and Blacksmith to 10 for their passive abilities, but alas, time was too short.

I also found it useful to start Botany during my travels across Eorzea. I was
limited to logging and harvesting closer to the three cities, but I still found it useful to maximize my time. I was also able to make some fletchlings with the materials I gathered. I didn't find much moko grass, but I did get some straw for hats later.

The run between the continents I found to be fairly easy, I stayed mostly to the road and gave the unfamiliar monsters fair room. I even saw my first cactuar on my way to Ul'Dah.

I am looking forward to reaching rank 10 on my weaver and experiencing the second storyline. I will post some pics when that gets accomplished!


  1. Cool post!
    I'm very fascinated on how the game can be more time managed compared to FFXI, can do casual play as well without feeling left over i hope!

    Regarding crafts, how do you find it so far compared to FFXI?
    easier/harder, fun/boring, less/more creative?

    Keep it up!

    PS: oh btw, what server you're in? and how did you make up ur mind on a specific server; i just can't choose.

  2. Well the game can be a lot more casual than FFXI was. With the guildleve system you can log in do your leve's and log off for the day and still advance at a pretty decent rate.

    Crafting is now a sort of mini game and takes a ton more time to do than it did in XI. I find it to be the most enjoyable aspect of the game so far but that may be because I am not really liking the current UI + battle system. The game has potential but still has a lot to iron out.

    I am on the same server as this blogger and we chose our server based on a few of our friends from XI who were moving over to FFXIV.

  3. So far I have enjoyed leveling a crafting class the most, probably because I find the combat a little sluggish so far. I find it easier then FFXI as far as being less brutal about failures and randomness. It actually is a very well structured system to foster interdependency and cooperation from other crafters, or you can be the "jack of all trades" if you wish.

    I choose my server based on reading forums about who was going where, I tried to choose a generally less crowded server.

  4. Great! crafting does seem enjoyable indeed. I've read several blogs and discussion which points out the same. I haven't tried it out yet myself, i only got to try couple of fights and it was really laggy, not sure why...

    I will probably be starting up tomorrow or thursday.

    Looking forward for more insight on your journey!