Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whisper in The Wood Complete!

    I was able to reach rank 10 on my Weaver and complete the second quest in my character's personal storyline Whisper in the Wood (Gridania). I really enjoy discovering more about the storyline, and as other quests in the game have not yet been implemented, these are the cutscenes we have to look forward to now. I also earned some sweet gil for it (15,000). I outlined the quest below with pictures (spoiler warning!)

   The questline starts at Miounne at Carline's Canopy (Adventure Guild). She gives you a short cutscene and asks you to head over to the Carpenter's Guild to speak to A'naidjaa.

After the cutscene in the Carpenter's Guild, head outside (hang a left out the door) and walk behind the building to the Acorn Orchard. This will trigger another cutscene. After that talk to Fye to start the next cutscene. When this is done, run forward out of the Orchard for the next scene. At this point click your NPC linkpearl because Miounne is trying to contact you. She informs you to head to the Greatloam Growery to talk to E-Sumi.

As you approach the Botanists Guild a cutscene will begin. E-Sumi will then mark your map for you to gather pearl clover fruits to give to the moogles. After this exit out of town at the South West gate. If you have Herme's shoes I suggest you equip them.

As you approach your destination another cutscene will be triggered. When it ends head toward the green dot (pudgy moogle) to trigger the next cutscene. if you enjoy moogles as much as I do, you will really enjoy this scene.

After the cutscene with the pudgy moogle, head back to the Botonist's Guild at the Greatloam Growery and speak to Opyltyl. If you are lazy like me and have anima to burn you may want to teleport back to Gridania.
After the cutscene, use your NPC linkpearl to talk to Miounne again and she instructs you to head over to the Archer's Guild (Quiver's Hold).

When you get to the Archer's Guild, speak to Nonolato for a cutscene. Ater this cutscene is done head to the backroom to finish the next cutscene. Use your linkpearl to speak with Miounne again and she asks you to return to her (Carline's Canopy). Head on over to speak with her and pick up your 15,000 gils!

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