Monday, September 13, 2010

Identity crisis!!!

My various incarnations of the Sheeba character don't often run into identity crisis issues on character selection screens. Since FFXI Sheeba has always been a blonde character with long hair, and either blue or green eyes. She represents me and my fantasy version of myself simultaneously. However, since I have been playing the beta I have been baffled at the shear number of variations possible on creating my new Sheeba character.

Not since I was in my early twenties trying to decide on a license plate frame for a new car I had bought was I this confused. I distinctly remember the salesperson helping me at the time said, "you must be a Libra"! I don't put much personal stock into horoscopes, but I felt it was uncanny how she nailed this one. I guess I was yet "weighing the scales" on another issue in my life I determined to be a personal reflection of myself.

Reflecting back my previous and first Sheeba character in FFXI was very special to me, she was my first MMORPG character, and she was my online persona during great times of change in my own personal life. Subsequent characters seemed much easier to create after that, and I did so with a sort of swift confidence. So, why when another opportunity to create my character has arrived am I stumbling so badly?

Open Beta Experiences: Volume 1

     A couple weeks ago Gaidon was able to get an open beta key for FFXIV, it has only a week before it releases. So we thought we would poke around and see what the fuss was all about. First off however, the game itself is a beast to run from a system requirement standpoint. My own PC can't handle it currently, however it is a good excuse to try and upgrade my 5 year old computer... So anyway, I have popped on a couple times and played around with the first opening mission, the leveling system, and messing with the magic classes.

I won't go into a whole lot of detail, because the game is still in beta, it still needs polishing and tweeking, so I have stayed away for the most part to not get burnt out on an unfinished product. However I did do some research on starting zones and try out a couple. I think I have settled on my new starting city home.....drumroll.....Gridania!!

Yes, visually this city is most akin to a Windhurst starting zone, but monster poulation wise, and ease of navigation this zone seemed far easier to me then the others. It is also slated to be the far most popular starting zone in most polls. But what really sold me was the opening cutscene which has a guest appearance of everyone's favorite chubby character...the moogle!!!!

I have yet to decide firmly on classes professions and a server yet, but will be doing research in the coming week.

I feel the pull of addiction...

     It's that time again. Square Enix is set to release its second MMORPG within the month. Even the doubters will agree thats it is a visual masterpiece, and the world is beautiful. Although I did what I said I never would do and settled with WoW for the last year due to my linkshells merger to that game, I am feeling the irresistible temptation to lose myself in my first love of Final Fantasy.