Monday, September 13, 2010

Identity crisis!!!

My various incarnations of the Sheeba character don't often run into identity crisis issues on character selection screens. Since FFXI Sheeba has always been a blonde character with long hair, and either blue or green eyes. She represents me and my fantasy version of myself simultaneously. However, since I have been playing the beta I have been baffled at the shear number of variations possible on creating my new Sheeba character.

Not since I was in my early twenties trying to decide on a license plate frame for a new car I had bought was I this confused. I distinctly remember the salesperson helping me at the time said, "you must be a Libra"! I don't put much personal stock into horoscopes, but I felt it was uncanny how she nailed this one. I guess I was yet "weighing the scales" on another issue in my life I determined to be a personal reflection of myself.

Reflecting back my previous and first Sheeba character in FFXI was very special to me, she was my first MMORPG character, and she was my online persona during great times of change in my own personal life. Subsequent characters seemed much easier to create after that, and I did so with a sort of swift confidence. So, why when another opportunity to create my character has arrived am I stumbling so badly?

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