Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shattering My Expectations

So I decided to peek my head back into WoW yesterday after the latest patch hit which shattered the old worlds and revamped all the old questing areas. My ulterior motive was also pet collecting cause I am a sucker for vanity items... I have been keeping an eye out on the WoW progression to their new expansion, more so recently due to FFXIV's epic failure. After all my alter ego needs to exist in a world full of promises and content, which unfortunately FFXIV has none of at the moment.

Expectation wise, I figured I would be logging in to an all new world. I popped up just outside of Stormwind to find much of what I have already seen with the exception of some burn and claw marks on the towers. Later upon closer inspection I noticed the entire mage quarter had fallen into the sea, and some things such as the auction house had to be relocated. I took some familiar flight paths for some overhead aerial shots and was underwhelmed with the familiarity of the terrain. Aside from some spattering of scorch marks and some plague areas that popped up, much of the middle of the Eastern Kingdoms looked unscathed.

However, after doing some lower level quests for my vanity pets I began to notice more details. The quests themselves were straightforward and very enjoyable. I am a person who hates despises it. But, I felt that these new quests were brief, interesting and felt less grindy then usual. In addition to this a feature which marks major bosses appeared on my minimap facilitating faster location of quest objectives. Another feature that I enjoyed was the auto quest completion box that will pop up on the fly in the middle of no-where allowing you to progress without having to return to questgiver.

Initial impressions are that at first I was underwhelmed with the visual aftermath of "The Shattering", but the fun is in the details and the quests. The new system is very appealing, and even I wouldn't be afraid to roll a new character to re-experience the old worlds in this new age.

Below is some pictures I took of some sights and changes around Azeroth.

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