Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here I go Again...

True to my narcissism of my character Sheeba, I strive to control my environment. However, when I looked around all I saw was silence and solitude. The game is quiet amidst rumors of total annihilation after the first reviews hit, and people have already fallin into their own individual ruts of "getting by" and "making do" while secretly hoping for better things to come. So what do I decide to do in this wake of lonely chaos?

Start a linkshell of course! What can I personality is drawn to these things like a moth to a flame. However, I am limiting my involvement to the creator and originator and keeping it casual. I do still have a dissertation to write after all. So I started a social crafting linkshell for players of Wutai to join and chat about their crafting pastimes and network with each other for materials and such. It runs itself for the most part with the exception of distributing pearls.

If you are on Wutai, or are a new player undecided on a server, check us out. Our website is Epic Production and we have fully functioning forums, galleries, chat and recruitment. The population is adult mainly over 21 (probably so I don't offend anyone with drinking or swearing). Most people have "progression" pearls as well. This game oddly has a function allowing you to hold up to 8 linkshells and watch chat in all of them. We won't start on the practical functions they are lacking.

It has been a week and the members are filling in nicely, we will see what the population looks like in another week or so. In addition to this I will update what my sanity outlook is...

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