Saturday, September 11, 2010

What was I thinking?

So for some reason (nothing logical of course), and after deciding I would never level another job....I decided to level another job. Don't know if I will finish it to 75 or care to bother to gear it yet, but hey its something to do. I settled on Blue Mage because it didn't demand a ton of melee gear (which I have none of) and it was still a mage job...sort of.

I had such a fun time duoing the job to 28 with gaidon when it first came out that I decided to duo it again. Not sure yet how this idea is gonna pan out because my BLU partner seems less then enthusiastic about leveling it. Anyway, true to my usual self I have been on top of all my spells having most ready before I hit the level. Gear is bothering me somewhat, because some of the pieces are hard to get, so I am trying to deal with this slowly. So here I am in a 5 hour hell of trying to get my partner Wild am I thinking.

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