Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mog House Madness!!!!

I have a problem...I am a mog house addict. There I admitted it, and that is the first step. Almost an entire year has rolled around since I began my quest to pimp my moghouse and make it a place I would enjoy being afk in. I have almost succeeded and have decided to share my progress :) Here my overall moghouse, if you want to see the rest you can hit the link below.

This is my  non-seasonal setup, during the Holidays I bring out and swap more furniture (lanterns, snowman etc). I am still short a few pieces and I am waiting on some to hit the game.
My current furniture wishlist is:
Winged Balance (costs over a million to make, waiting on O ingots to drop more)
Fafnir statue
Nomad Moogle statue
Cleaning Tool set
Green Grass (missed ths last summerfest)

That is all for now, any other furniture addicts out there?

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