Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weird Graphic Glitches

It has come to my attention lately, that this game is flawed. Yeah, I am not referring to the annoying HNM windows, the games seeming randomness with drops, the annoyance that dynamis is limited to one area per group or that increasingly the updates seem to be lacking in well...updates. No, I am referring to some odd graphical glitches I have been noticing lately, one in which disturbed me greatly.

First of all I was killing a Giant Marid with my ls on my BRD when I noticed I had dropped my flute on the ground....

So Yeah..that was a bit odd. But nothing compared to the shock I got when I zoned into my Whitegate moghouse and found THIS!

WTF..... then I saw this!

Jigga and Elboomero also made an appearance in my moghouse. Needless to say this was the oddest thing i had ever seen. Oh and don't bother asking why I am topless...I don't know!

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