Saturday, September 11, 2010

Out to Sea^^

We recently ventured back to sea as an ls, to attempt to start farming up some love pops again for earrings and such and other torques. Sea has been an odd conundrum for me, because it was such a pain in the ass to get but my combo of jobs always had little or no benefit from the gear obtained here. However there is one exception.... the BRD/SMN cape! I had wanted this piece for a few years now, but Ix'DRG  had always been a bit of a pain and the interest was low to get help killing it. However since we started fresh at the bottom, we had been killing it for deed for a few weeks when it finally dropped this gem for me^^:

We also have killed some Fortitude here and there for torques, as well as faiths.

The thing with Sea is that nobody really wants to be there too long. Get in, get out, get what you need and move on is pretty much how we like to roll. Suits me fine, my inner id has no patience anyway. Sometimes though there are other ls's that are farming stuff you need, and yeah....that gets old fast. Skill wins in the end, and if you don't  have it, well....we step in.

Here is another ls imitating their very own Wall of Justice so as to inhibit our kiting, sadly for them it failed. On a more amusing note, someone can't spell "idiot".

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