Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wedding Day!!!!

At first I felt in game weddings were cheesy. I am never gonna be one of THOSE people I thought. But then something happened, and it all started with a piece of furniture I thought I could get (marriage certificate) for my moghouse. Then it was a determination to get a date! Blast these ffxi wedding lotteries! Then it was an excuse to have a party, and finally it seemed like a nice way to round out the gaming experience and all the time Gaidon and I have spent in the game together. What started as an intimate celebration ended up being a linkshell event and celebration extravaganza! But hey, it was fun and I love to plan a party! So enough with the chat, lets see some pics from the Big Day :P

Here we are with the wedding Master having our rehearsal before the official ceremony. Check out her Nobles set! Tago was our chaperone and was awesome with getting the applications and correspondence in!!!! Go Tago!!!!

Here is the start of the actual ceremony! At this point we got to equip our wedding gear and get ready for the long walk..... :P Those lines took a long time to get right....

Here are some pictures of the ceremony itself and the guests. Some people made interesting attire choices..... ::cough:: Beastmaster AF ::cough::

Let the fireworks begin!!!!!!

Of course we all had to make an attempt to climb up the lighthouse stairs for a group picture, plus we only had a few minutes to play around in this area so yeah....

We then proceeded to have our own party outside of Bastok with sweet rice cakes and cream puffs and some gifts were exchanged!

A huge thanks from our Salvage peeps for giving me my 12 orichalum ingots so I could upgrade my Marduk's head, and giving Gaidon a Peacock charm!!! Thanks to Caudle for the card and money!!!

After the festivities died down we took our honeymoon and afk'd in Whitegate. In real life we spent the night out having dinner, movies etc :P

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