Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jobs Part 1: White Mage

I figured if I am gonna be a true narcissist, I really need to make an effort to highlight myself more. Thus I bring you jobs Part 1. Ahhhh White first 75 job in FFXI. It is probably still my most played job and hands down the one I am best geared for. I am getting excited with the upcoming update for the WHM job, and hopefully it makes it a little less painful to ALWAYS be on :P

So without further ado, lets discuss my WHM, the progress I have made and what their is still left to do.

This is my basic setup that I run around on most of the time. Cure clogs get macro'd in for all cures, then its back to Rostrum pumps. When I have to run around to heal a tank that is kiting, I have a macro for Herald's Gaiters. I am big on -enmity and haste, thus my many blessed pieces, walahara turban and errant cape. I could have a morgannas choker on my neck, but I don't feel like more -hp. I think the one thing I would change on this setup would be macroing in a Novia earring for big Curaga bombs, and maybe a Vivian/Serket ring (gotta finish those last 2 hp merits). Conserve mp +30, "Cure" Potency +22, enmity -23, haste +13% and fast cast.

This is my stoneskin macro set. Kirins pole, marduk's tiara, goliard clogs, and errant hpl. Pretty simple and still puts me well over the cap of what my max damage absorbsion is. Less is more on this macro since WHM MND is high to start with.

This is an interesting set I developed to conserve my mp on things like buffs, reraise, removing debuffs etc. Seveneyes, goliard saio, and rostrum pumps (although goliard are in pic ><). My sub depends on what event it is, so this is a nice help when I am sub smn. Yes.....I am still finishing SCH. I am lazy. With blm sub I get +42 conserve mp, and +17% haste and fast cast.

Ahhhh the all important resting set. I feel pretty good about my set although there are a couple pieces that would be good to add if my inventory allows (relaxing earring, mirror tiara). This setup gives me +31 hMP. I also wear the grandiose chain but its not on the picture!!
Next set I have my eye on creating is a Devotion set to maximize my hp. Oh man....bomb queen

Group 1 WHM:
Cure Cast Time 5/5
Barspell Effect 5/5

Group 2 WHM:
Devotion 3/5 (1 more to go)
Protectra V 1/5 (peer pressure on this)
Shellra V 5/5

Enmity decrease 4/4

Max HP 0/8 (add 2)
Max MP 4/8 (probably add 2 more)

So as you can see, most are done, nothing gamebreaking to add, just a few to finish up.

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