Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Post Update...update.

It's that time again....well the update yes, but its time for some more personal gratification from new content. Some people say this update failed, but personally I came out way way ahead.
First off, I got all kinds of new spells and tricks to play with for my White Mage!! I will post my current observations and experiences on these later. Second, my Summoner got some nice tweeks which made me very happy! No more losing your BP timer due to some idiot moving the mob away. Plus I have all new merits to explore/consider since Tier 2 merits are useful now. The last reason is I found my new favorite activity to do!! ANNMS!

First of all I had to explore this new Crystalline prophecy content, which turned out to be a slight pain considering they broke the ???'s in Quifim after the first day. Of course our crazy group was out in zones collecting seedspalls after the servers went up (76 people in Jugner killing This aspect of the update was pure fail. However I am impatient and want the new stuff first so we all proceeded on in true masochist style.

The body was a fairly easy choice given that Summoners got some fairly good stats and adds. However I may be re-thinking the Blood Pact ability delay...but anyway its only a macro piece for the tier 2 merits. More SMN discussion later when i bring you jobs part 3.

On to the fun ANNM's!!! These are a great idea, since I used to campaign alot (had to level summoner somehow!), so I have plenty of Allied Notes to burn. The key items are fairly easy to get and you can do 3 per earth day. We grabbed a group of 6, and tried some out with good success. Some groups took alliances, but hey we like a challenge and didn't want to nerf the exp.

Most of the augmented items were pretty crappy except for a sweet pair of errant pigaches with conserve mp, hmp, and pet attack +4.
Other money drops included:
Angel skin
Star sapphire
Imp. wootz ingot
wootz ore
divine logs
I would say the most challenging so far is the Goldcap in Crawlers Nest. Encurse is very annoying, and we are 1/2 due to an unfortunate curse-frogkick combo on our aegis paladin ><.


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