Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tails of a mithra

In an effort to move forward into future journal posts, I felt it was important to give some space to previous memories and events that helped to shape my character today. What I am describing are basically schemas, or the mental representations we make and form of our surroundings to guide how we act and function. I am a big fan of schemas as ways to make sense of surroundings, and as a mental shortcut to deciding behaviors in any given situation. However it is equally important to have flexibility and be open to assimilating new information into a schema at any given time. This can be particularly true in the life of a videogame, where the schema's of a character and their experience can be changing rapidly.

One of my first experiences that helped form my schema of "endgame" was this NM beetle. Somewhere there is a dead lvl 50 white mage mithra lying in wait for a raise until this thing dies. Lesson #1, no matter what your intended plans were (like a level 50 cap quest item), things called notorious monsters (NM's), take precedence over all else.

Here is another old one I borrowed (cause I played on ps2, so no pics) of one of my first king HNM's. I was working hard to impress my potential future linkshell with my aerial armour rotation. PLD/WAR lolz. Lesson #2: HNM's are serious business, however just because someone does something one way, it does not mean it's the only way to do it, or even the best.

Here I am again, same dragon, a year later.... I was probably bored in this picture, since the PLD's started subbing NIN, not much to cure anymore. Lesson #3: If you are going to be successful, expect repitition, the more you practice the more times you can go afk without anyone noticing.

Whoever thought putting a random NM spawn on a 20 minute boat ride was crazy. Lesson #4: Some relationships last and some do not. Mature and lasting relationships can be formed, but remember, this is a video game not don't set yourself up for dissapointment.

Here I am with my close friends having fun with ZNM's. Lesson #5: Find a group of like minded and skilled individuals for a positive gaming experience. More skill essentially means you can do more with lower numbers.

No lessons here, just friends, and some similar fashion tastes.

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