Sunday, September 12, 2010

Equipment to sustain our hobbies

     I have had my share of hobbies throughout my life, whether it was caring for my horse, gardening, arts and crafts or gaming. Each requires tools and materials for the upkeep, however I am finding the latter hobby of gaming is always changing with technology and upgrades become a necessity rather then a luxury.
     My previous computer is about 6 years old at the moment. I received it as a Christmas gift from my well meaning parents who likely thought my only computer usage would be for my studies. However, we beefed it up with a Nvidia GForce 7900 and a new power supply and found it exceeded expectations for graphical quality in FFXI. Even when I gradually moved to LOTRO, my computer was sustainable enough not to have to play at the lowest settings, however when they introduced DX 10 in that game I fell behind graphically. After I returned for another stint in FFXI, no updates their so graphically I was still superior. However the real pain was felt in WoW where I have to play at the lowest settings to function in raids. With the new FFXIV coming out, my computer fails to meet even the minimum expectations.
     I am hoping to work on building a new custom computer this month or next, hopefully one that functions within some of the Tier1/2 recommendations for FFXIV so that maybe this one will last me through my gaming habits as well. I would like to find a Nvidia GForce 480, Core I7 processor, and a decent amount of Ram this time around.  A higher resolution monitor wouldn't be bad either. Hopefully I can make it happen financially, in the meantime I will probably just play on my boyfriends computer while he is at work in the evenings.

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