Saturday, September 11, 2010

Can I be a gamer and an adult?

It's been an interesting weekend, and one surprisingly filled with self-reflection. However, sometimes self-reflection can breed discomfort. After having to face some interesting truths about procrastination, my own dissertation and getting stuck in "emotional immaturity" I found another interesting mirror in which to gain some self-reflection. Someone directed me to the web-series "The Guild" to see the latest music video. That song is still in my head too... But after watching some episodes, I wondered, "wow, am I one of those people". The answer, yeah pretty much. More troubling is wondering am I really ok with that? Am I continuing to escape real life maturation in favor of easy, entertaining gratification? Somewhat.... I have several successful degrees, a decent job, my own independance, and a rewarding relationship. But come the weekend, yes I am in front of a computer 90% of the time when not sleeping, yep I wear a headset most of that time, and my most substatial socialization outside of work happens online. So can I be a gamer and an adult? Yes, but I feel it takes a constant balance and honest self reflection to be both. And on that note...I am still a work in progress.


  1. Absolutely, I've been gaming online since the 90's have many RL friends or business acquaintances who's ages range from there 30's to 60's who actively game. Like yourself they're successful in RL with work and family life. Hell, some run and own multimillion-dollar business. Productive and responsible right that's the definition?

    IMO it's just another form of entertainment or for some mental stress relief. Guess it's all about balance, mostly what your balance might be that makes you happy.

    We're all a work in progress it's the best part of aging.

    On another note, thanks for your FFXIV starting guide, I was lost and happy to discover your blog. I'm totally with you finding it frustrating mostly that the game can be so totally close to being very good only to be somewhat disappointing. Das ende.

  2. @Mikuniman- Haha you found one of my older posts I see. I had a youtube video of "Will you Date my Avatar" under this post but didn't figure out how to embed it when I switched blogs. I am 100% with you on the mental stress relief front, that's mainly what my gaming achieves. Glad you found the starting guide helpful!