Monday, March 21, 2011

Today should be good but its not...

So I had my proposal meeting today and unconditionally passed. Which means I don't have to make a whole lot of changes and I am green lighted to go ahead with the rest of the dissertation. Great news right? Should be, but it instead I just feel bad. It's like one of those times you get good news but you feel like there is a huge "BUT..." following it.

So they like my dissertation but also caught on that it is original research so now my dissertation chair is interested in helping me publish it. More great news right? Not so much, this means he is looking even harder at my methodology and discussion and will probably be more critical in the review which will slow down the process meaning I won't get done in time to graduate. That and one of my committee is taking a vacation the last week before my deadline to finish everything, and the exact week I had planned my defense.

For a University that's graduated people on 3 chapter dissertations, a dissertation that involved reviewing the Kama Sutra, and other dissertations that are way simpler then mine, I feel like they are adding an inordinate amount of pressure on the final portion. So here I am struggling to finalize Chapter 3 and get it sent by Wednesday and then begin chapter 4 to be finished by next week to have a chance.

So enough procrastination on this blog, time to get back to work.


  1. Even if that photo is an award winning pic, it is fake friv :))

  2. You couldn't just decline his offer to help? Seems he should be more understanding of your timeline.