Sunday, March 27, 2011

The end of a rough week

It has been a tough week for me...and I really hate being right in these types of cases.

I spent the greater part of the week scrambling to get my chapter 3 done, I even took off 2 days to do it, not sure how I am gonna pay my bills this month but I felt I would regret it if I didn't try.

I finished Friday and sent my total 113 pages to my chair for review, then he emailed me and asked for tables...


I then come to find out that my chapter 3 is supposed to be the results and tables, and what I wrote is closer to be chapter 4 but more like a literature review. Mine is a meta-synthesis therefore it needs tables....

So a critical literature review is fine by many standards, and many of my colleagues have obtained their doctorates on just that type of dissertation....except my chair doesn't believe that is doctorate worthy...So I can get another chair and go through the whole proposal process again or I can just do the meta-synthesis the way he wants.

Don't worry he assured me "we" will have a nice product at the end and something publishable...because that's what important here right?

So...I spent the greater part of the day crying, then yelling, then firing off an email to him which he responded in all caps.

Hopefully I can pull myself together and continue, but a May graduation now looks impossible, and at some point I have to tell my parents to cross that day off their calender. So at this point I am glad I am in debt this month and very glad I don't own any rope...

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  1. Aw =(

    Sounds like some hardcore stuff. This is the reason i decided i was done after a BS degree, lol. I've also ended up in debt myself and i hate it, i've never been so far in with no money to pay it off. But just think of what you'll have when all the hard work is over.