Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post gaming Horizon- Part 2

I have discovered the secret to avoid playing online games. Her name is Zoey and she is a 3 lb Pomeranian/Yorkie mix. Currently she is 13 weeks old still working on potty training and very feisty!
I seriously barely have time to take care of myself with this little one, its like having a baby! Of course that's not saying their is not plenty of people playing online games with actual babies...although I don't know how you can't be neglecting some aspect of their care unless you only play when they are sleeping.

Between socialization, watching her for "accidents", playtime, training, vet visits and training classes, my schedule is booked! I actually possibly went out more in the last 2 weeks for social outings then I did in the last year.

I am surprised at my willpower recently especially since I have taken a break on my dissertation for a couple weeks to focus on my puppy and my boyfriend has migrated back to FFXI where he has both his character and mine activated. It's hard looking at the screen, or seeing my character, but I have been strong and am focusing on what is more important.

I would advise anyone trying to cut back and give up on gaming to get involved with an all consuming hobby that gets you out of the house, get a puppy, start a sport, join and find some groups near you with similar interests.

So far so good with my own recovery, I know when I am not involved with Zoey, there is TV shows to watch with my boyfriend, my house to clean, reports to write or my dissertation to work on.

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