Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post gaming horizon- Part 1

It has probably been 30 days since I have been on an online game, I canceled my WoW account, and of course FFXIV is still running free so no need to there. I haven't logged in, but I admit I still check my guilds private website to see whats going on. I try not to visit any of the community sites or news pages for online gaming, because frankly the pictures try to lure me back in. So far so good...except I traded one obsession for another, a puppy! A co-worker at work has puppies she wants to give away and asked if I was interested. I thought long and hard and decided a puppy might give me something to do in my free time once my dissertation is done. After all, what do other people do when they don't play online games, aside from work, because I already do that.

However, true to my compulsive nature, I traded looking at online sites and forums for looking at puppy and pet boutique sites and making wish-lists for puppy supplies... Its just anticipation right? When the puppy comes I am sure my attention will shift away from the PC and onto the puppy and going out with it. or at least I hope...

Who doesn't love a cute face like this?

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  1. Awwww

    Yeah, i stopped going to the LS's site cuz nobody was posting anymore. And then it went down, then came back up, then went down again. And nowadays i only ever see like 1 or 2 other ppl online in it in game.