Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rank 20 Walkthrough "Fade to White"

As one of your classes reaches rank 20 you will then be allowed to proceed in the main quest storyline. "Fade to White" unites our 3 nations in Uldah to venture together from this point on. This quest is very easy and requires almost no running around and zero combat. At the end of your cutscenes you will be rewarded 60,000 gil and a path companion to accompany you on your future storyline quests. Be prepared to choose your companion carefully because at this point there is no changing once you have selected! It actually took me over an hour to find a companion I liked...Keep reading for a visual walkthrough and to view my screenshots. Spoilers! You have been warned!

Starting "Fade to White" is as easy as going to the entrance to zone in through the market wards in Uldah or "the dunes". Select merchant wards and you will be ported into the Waking Sands, which is the headquarters of "The Path of the Twelve". Upon porting in you will see a familiar face and be in a cutscene.

After the cutscene is finished walk ahead straight down the long corridor until you approach a door, go into your menu to open it and it will trigger another cutscene with Minfilia.

After this cutscene speak to her again to trigger another one. At this point you should have another one of those "flashbacks" or "echoes" as they call them. For some reason I caught myself giving her the bitch stare.

Speak with her again and she will ask you whether you agree to be a walker, select agree abd you will trigger another cutscene.

After the cutscene head back down the corridor to the entrance and speak to Tataru the little lalafell near the summoning bell. You are then guided to start the process of chosing a companion.

This is the interesting part, and the longest depending on your personal interest in how your companion looks in cutscenes with you. She will walk you around and let you view "potential companions". I suggest you choose a companion that compliments the jobs you enjoy playing or the class you think you will play for most of the story lines. I choose a Gladiator since Botanist/Conjurer are my highest ranked classes. If you are a DoW however, a healer may be a good partner to choose. It will then prompt a menu where you can select "yes" if you want that companion, "no" if you do not, or "select another skill", which presents another round of available options for companions. Tataru goes through a cycle of 4 companions until you change classes, so if you don't like the first 4 she shows you, hit "select another skill" and choose the class you wanted again. This will bring up a new set of 4 she will cycle through (although I did notice some repeats). Took me an hour to find a miqote that wasn't grey... When you are happy hit yes.

Tataru will then give you a new NPC linkpearl and tell you to wait for Minfilia's decision about your companion. To trigger the next event simply zone out of the "merchant wards" and run to the Uldah Adventuring Guild. Your linkpearl will then glow and you are told to return to the "Merchant Wards". Zone in and speak to Tataru again and she will make the introductions between you and your companion and you will be promted to select a name for them.

Your companion will then suggest you go meet up at the The Quicksand (Uldah Adventuring Guild). Go there and speak to Momodi to trigger another cutscene.

Enjoy a cutscene with you and your new companion and select the option to begin your next adventure. You and your companion will then part ways and you will be rewarded with 60,000 gil.

Hope this walkthrough was helpful, see you again for the next questline at Rank 26!


  1. I made my companion the same race and name as my FFXI character.

  2. Nice! I choose Emma for my name, she is frequently the counterpart to my Sheeba characters. In LOTRO Emma was my loremaster, in WoW she is my shadow priest.

  3. haha bitch stare. I gave her that look too! xD

  4. Thanxxx for this, by far the best one I found online yet! Question, what is the name of the next quest? My NPC LS started flashing, and don't want to start it without some help from you brains online =^_^=