Thursday, November 25, 2010

Companion Pets: Gotta catch em all!

The Pre-Cataclysm patch hit Tuesday and with it it brought changes to the old worlds of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor but more importantly it brought me 4 new vanity pets to collect! I have been keeping a close eye on my pet collecting news watching warcraftpets daily as well as scouting out my favorite pet blogger perks n peeves. I logged on with a plan of attack for getting my companions in the most efficient time possible. First I headed over to Hillsbrand Foothills to find Brazie's farm and play a version of plants vs. zombies to obtain my sunflower. It took me a couple tries but I got the last wave down with some liberal use of pumpkin bombs.

She sings a soft sweet tune, while emitting constant positivity...

Next in line I decided to tackle Mr. Grubbs, which potentially had a nightmarish drop rate associated with it. I headed over to Eastern Plaguelands and quickly started the quest chain needed to obtain Fiona's Lucky Charm buff. I then set to work on questing by Light's Hope Chapel and eventually a fat Grub dropped a hidden stash which contained Mr. Grubbs. I probably looted about 20 hidden stashes total, so it wasn't as bad as I expected.

He is an acrobatic Grubb and does frequent summersaults.

I then proceeded to head to Darkshore and start questing through to eventually open a quest in which I could obtain Withers. Unfortunately, I was thwarted in my attempts Tuesday evening when I accidently forgot to loot the monsters corpse to obtain the quest item to start Withers quest. Wednesday morning I awoke, did some research and quickly found my mistake. Withers was mine in no time!

Eventually he shrinks in size, but put him near water and he will grow again.

I thought I was finished, but alas, a fourth pet was discovered as being obtainable!!! A small firefly from a questline in Burning Steps. So I headed over to burning steps, completed some interesting quests and soon I had obtained my fourth pre-cataclysm pet.

I love the color, just like the potion from the Dalaran sewers!
Of course there is one more recent pet I failed to mention that I obtained and that of course is the one and only murloc Deathy! Deathy is the vanity pet reward from watching Blizzcon streaming online (I really only watched the costume contest). He is also my second murloc pet, the first being Murkimus the Gladiator from the 2010 Tournament season. Deathy and I took a moment to pause from questing to revel in his pals destruction.

In addition to normal murloc activities, Deathy will breathe fire as well.


  1. I have 4 80s. 3 of them got Mr. Grubbs within 30 minutes of farming (one of them got it on her 4th bag). The final 80 took 4 hours of solid mind numbing farming to get it.

  2. @BigFire- WoW! Do you collect vanity pets on all your characters? That would be insane on some of those really grindy ones. I thought for sure Mr. Grubbs was gonna take me hours, considering all my whelplings did. The Emerald actually took 3 straight days...