Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Epic Experience

    I decided to make another LOTRO post in commemoration of the awesome guild I ran during the time I played. I am pleased to say we accomplished most of our goals, had many server firsts, built a strong core membership and had one of the best reputations as a kinship on the Gladden server at the time. I can say that not many people get to have their dream "guild" experience in an MMO. It truly was an epic experience and I was honored to have a hand in it.

Below I have compiled some of my favorite memories as a kinship we experienced. All in all I thank all my old Epic friends for making our Kinship so successful during its prime years of dominating Gladden server, it was an honour and privilege to play with you all.

My partner in crime

Our server first Thorog kill, and world 3rd.

Our Thorog trophy and our kinhouse
Our Kinship Christmas Card
As a guild we tested content on the closed server
We hosted a huge party and giveaway for our server
The party was a great success!
Us with Gandalf after completing a Book series

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