Saturday, September 11, 2010


I may be a tad bit more excited then I should be regarding my new "green rug" piece as my linkshell likes to call it. But here is how I see it, I have played this game a long time, of which 90% of my playtime has belonged to an endgame linkshell since I hit my first 75. I have claimed and killed many Kings in my days, but my jobs never really benefited from the traditional abjurations.... So I have never had the excitement of getting an abjuration transformed and wearing one of the most obvious/traditional fruits of my labors. So my BRD will be sportin this at various events and I will wear it proudly as it signifies to me the time and effort I have spent in this game.
Odin finally stopped dropping total crap and gave us an m. body, an a. body, some blm legs, and some other random abj's. So here I am rocking my green rug, and quite happy about it. Also thanks to my linkshell for footing the bigger part of the bill and Caudle for not blowing it up and making me sad;;

I also took some pics during the ceremony and the classic item picture.


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